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Jonathan West Headshot, Jeffrey Hornstein Photography


With upcoming stage and screen performances slotted for Summer and Fall of 2022, I most recently performed:


On Stage

Under Ceege, Purple Rose Theatre Company

written by: Jeffry Chastang

directed by: Lynch Travis

On Screen


written by: 

directed by:

starring: Tom Holland, Ciara Bravo

Zoom Readings:

Stick Fly, Purple Rose Theatre Company

written by: Lydia Diamond

directed by: Lynch Travis

ScriptRead, Cycle 6 & 7

written & directed by: Deborah Goodwin



Virtual Readings: readings for Kia Barbee's ScriptRead, during Cycle 6 and Cycle 7, both for pieces written by Deborah Goodwin, and the Purple Rose theatre company's Piggsville by Alvaro Saar Rios and their 2021 10-min Play Festival, reading opposite Jeff Daniels.

Prior to my readings, I was in New York, directed by April Sweeney, for Romina Paula's Fauna as 'Santos,' staged at the Segal Center in New York City. I also filmed in Cleveland for the Russo Brother's Cherry with Tom Holland, Ciara Bravo, and Michael Gandolfini at Case Western Reserve University. Other projects include Melody Bates' Avalon,  as 'King Arthur', Jeffry Chastang's Dauphin Island, as 'Selwyn Tate,' and Matthew Lopez's The Whipping Man, as 'Simon.'

Please visit the sites below for samples of my work, and stay dialed in for updates and upcoming performances!




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