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Prospero, The Tempest - Shakespeare in Detroit


I recently made my debut with Shakespeare in Detroit at Campus Martius as 'Prospero' in William Shakespeare's The Tempest, directed by Sam White, and I was last on stage as ‘Rashad’ in Loy A. Webb’s The Light, directed by Carollette Phillips, at the Tipping Point Theatre in Northville, MI.

My regional stage work includes performing as ‘Spike’ in Jeff Daniel’s Pickleball, directed by Rhiannon Ragland, at the Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea, performing as ‘King Arthur’ in Melody Bates’ immersive, site-specific Avalon, directed by Joan Jubett, on Deer Isle in Maine, and performing as 'Cary Grant "Ceege" Murphy' in Jeffry Chastang's Under Ceege, directed by Lynch Travis, also at the Purple Rose.

I was most recently on film in Detroit, MI for Victoria Rowell’s Catfish Christmas, in Grand Rapids, MI for Geert Heetebrij’s Vronika, and in Cleveland, OH for The Russo Brother's Cherry.

Please visit the sites below for samples of my work, and stay dialed in for updates and upcoming performances!




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