I most recently performed in Romina Paula's Fauna as 'Santos,' staged at the Segal Center in New York City, directed by April Sweeney:  

A stage director and his lead actress investigate the life of Fauna, a deceased woman whose memory still haunts the stage. As they meet with her children and rehearse scenes from her life, they draw the portrait of a woman who challenged social norms and was eventually driven to insanity. The play is also a subtle reflection on points of view, and the links between fiction and reality.

Prior to my work in New York, I was in Cleveland for the Russo Brother's Cherry with Tom Holland, Ciara Bravo, and Michael Gandolfini at Case Western Reserve University. I also recently performed in  Melody Bates' Avalon, produced by Opera House Arts and directed by Joan Jubett at a site specific location, Nervous Nellies, on Deer Isle, ME. Other selected previous projects include Jeffry Chastang's Dauphin Island, as 'Selwyn Tate,' and Matthew Lopez's The Whipping Man, as 'Simon.'

Please visit the sites below for samples of my work, and stay dialed in for updates and upcoming performances!




Jonathan West Headshot, Lauren Eliot Photography