Naadi Heart Chakra Cord Bracelet, Chakra by Piya

I've most recently written copy for the U.S. branch of the German based Ha-Ra, which develops environmentally safe cleaning products:

Utilizing advanced fiber cleaning technology, Ha-Ra takes the hard work out of cleaning and makes it quick, easy, and effective, leaving you with more time to get back to what you’d rather be doing. With more than 35 years serving happy customers in over 50 countries you can count on Ha-Ra® to give you a better, safer clean, and faster.

As an undergraduate, I received the Landes Award for technical writing and had short fiction and poetry, and op-ed pieces, published in The Michigan Daily and The Michigan Independent, respectively. As a graduate student, I received the Full Sail University Course Director Award in 5 out of 12 courses, which is presented to the top student in the class, honoring high marks (4.0 GPA in 11 of 12 courses), quality writing, excellent communication, and a strong desire to succeed in the industry. As a professional, I've had scripts filmed, optioned, and developed by a number of film companies; most recently Riot Film Productions.

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